Newcrest Saga (Jaliya’s Journey)

Newcrest. A prosperous new town with no history. There is nothing to tell about Newcrest, it’s just a new town with no character. A small town with only a few residents, nothing ever happens here. Or at least, not in the surface. Are the four pioneering families really living perfectly normal lives or is there something going on beneath the surface?

Jaliya Robinson is the child of two pioneers, Gardner Shae, a mysterious playboy whose real profession is unknown to most and the famous musician/painter, Acacia Robinson. Growing up, she wished that she has a normal family like her neighbor Hailey Rustan. But are the Rustan’s really perfect like the people thought they are? What connects the Rustans to Daiquiri Vivaldi and her son, Ives? What is Gardner Shae’s profession? As Jaliya travels around the world, discovering things about herself, will she also uncover the secrets of Newcrest?

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